My Scootering Days - Alan from Halifax/Morecambe

Photo: Blackpool Mod Rally, probably around 1988.

Every week we'll be asking one of you to share your Scootering memories. The good, the bad and the f**king freezing. From sleeping under caravans at Great Yarmouth to the Beach at Brighton and everything Inbetween. These memories wouldn't be so special without all the drunken nights, the breakdowns and the truly shitty British weather. 

Today we spoke with Alan, 51 from Halifax/Morecambe 

First Scooter? 

My first scooter was a PK125s, I saved up for two years at my weekend job to pay for it.

How Much did it cost?

I think I paid around £350 for it.

How would you define yourself and why? 

I would probably say I'm a Scooterist. I started off as a Mod but by the late 80s the Mod scene had split and was very elitist. I started to do the Scooter rallies and heard Psychobilly for the first time and really got into that, but I still love the Mod music.

Photo - My Scooter at my house in Morecambe, early 2000s

What first got you into the scene?

I first got into the scene when my mum & dad took us to Morecambe one bank holiday back in the early 80s and it was full of Mods and scooterboys. It was incredible, both sides of the road were just full of these amazing parked up scooters. I thought, I'm going to have some of that when I'm older. 

Do you remember your first rally? 

My first rally was Blackpool Mod Rally in 1986. I went by train as I wasn't old enough to ride my Scooter. Plus there was only myself going. 

Photo - Night Do ticket for my first ever rally 

Best Memory to do with the scootering scene?

Probably when we used to meet up every Thursday at a local pub. Started a club called Calder Valley Scooter Club, it was a good mix of Mods, Skinheads, Punks etc. They were the best times.  

Worst memory of Scootering?

I have a couple of bad memories to be honest. The first was when I was knocked off my scooter in 1987. Our club was going over to Rochdale to meet up with The Rochdale Mashers. We were riding in Convoy about 8 scooters when the car came out of a junction and hit me. I wouldn't mind but I was in the middle of the Convoy! Result, one broken leg. 

The other was racing a mini full of casuals with my ex girlfriend on the back of me when I had a front tyre blown out, we were bouncing from one side of the road to the other trying to keep the scooter upright. My ex was punching the back of the helmet the entire time (she thought I was messing around) The only thing I messed was my undies!

Photo - York in the mid-80s

Things you miss the most?

I moved from Halifax in 1990 to Kent. So I lost touch with most of my mates. I dropped out of the scene although I still had scooters, so the friends and getting together would be what I miss the most. 

Photo - My first scooter

Things you don’t miss?

The things I don't miss are riding home in the rain and cold, used to absolutely love riding to rallies, used to absolutely hate riding home.

One thing you couldn’t go to a rally without?

My younger brother Paul so he could fix my scooter when it broke down, lol! Either that or my membership card.

Favourite Rally?

My favourite rally was probably Scarborough 1988. Most of the club went and the weather was good from what I can remember. A good time was had by all.

Worst Rally?

Worst rallies were either Rhyl Mod Rally 89. I think it poured it down all weekend and a shit town to boot (sorry if anyone's from Rhyl). The other was Morecambe end of season rally 1987. I still had a plastic brace on my leg from my accident. We rode there, it rained all day and was cold, we were all soaked and decided to just ride home the same day. 

The last rally you went too?

Probably Morecambe in 2012 with my brother and two nephews. 

Photo - my daughter Bethany and I with my Vespa, probably early 2000s

What do you think has changed Nowadays?

We've all got old! I don't do rallies nowadays, I'm more into the music part of the scene to be honest. I have always loved the music aspect. 

What could help get younger people into scootering?

I actually think the Auto Scomadi's and Royal Alloys are nice looking scoots. With them being 4 strokes it might interest the young-uns.

Anything else you want to add? 

I just want to say, I loved the crack of it all, good mates, good laughs, good music and good times.

Okay Lastly, what are your Top 10 Scootering Tracks.

The Who - Can't Explain

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset

Small Faces - Tin Soldier

The Jam - A Bomb in Wardour Street

The Meteors - Wreckin Crew

Frenzy - I See Red 

The Chords - The British Way of Life

The Prisoners - Coming Home

Missing Andy - The Way We're Made (Made In England)

The Len Price 3 - Nobody Knows


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  • John

    Hi there I used to knock about with Alan and Paul in the 80s I rode my first scooter a vespa pk 80 it would be great if you could pass on my email to al it would be a great catch up after all these years.
    Many thanks

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