My Scootering Days - Jamie from Tyldesley

Every week we'll be asking one of you to share your Scootering memories. The good, the bad and the f**king freezing. From sleeping under caravans at Great Yarmouth to the Beach at Brighton and everything Inbetween. These memories wouldn't be so special without all the drunken nights, the breakdowns and the truly shitty British weather. 

Today we spoke to Jamie Langlands from Tyldesley.

My first memory of Scooters would be Rhyl 86, I was on holiday with my girlfriends family, I had just passed my car test and I had an old Mini. I just remember seeing scooters everywhere, everybody in the pubs enjoying themselves, people seemed to just be having a good time. Fast forward to early summer in 1988, I was driving behind a lad on the crescent, he was on an old ratty Lambretta and I remember his exhaust fell of in the middle of the street, without even thinking he stopped, pushed it back on and rode of like nothing had happened. I was hooked. 

Photo: Horners Ayers Road, Manchester, 1980s

 I found a pk80 in a local motorbike shop near me and bought it on Tic for £400 quid. Whilst riding around on it I bumped into a couple of lads from Salford Knights Scooter Club called Tizer and Big Bri, they asked if I wanted to come down to their Thursday night meet-ups at the Duchy in Salford. The first rally after that was Morecambe, our club The Salford Knights used to have their own B&B with a bar. 

After while I started to realise having a PK wasn't that cool so I ended up selling it back to the motorbike shop I bought it from and ended up buying a SX150 from a Postman of all people! It was post van red and cost me just £60! The neighbours hated it, I remember having to warm the spark plug on the stove top just to get it running. My memories from that scooter were that I spent more time breaking down than riding. 

Photo: Salford Knights in Morecambe

Roll on 1989, The girlfriend at the time part-exchanged the SX for a brand new Vespa PX 125 Limited Edition in Silver from Horners on Ayers Road in Manchester. As I was riding my new PX to my bike test in Eccles a woman came flying out a junction and smashed into me, I went flying over her bonnet, bruising my spine and writing off my brand new Scooter. She said 'I've come out of this junction every Saturday morning and you've never been here before'. I replied, 'Well, you got me this time!' Luckily the traffic police officer was behind me on the way to his shift! A week off work with a bruised spine followed and while I was in the hospital my girlfriend at the time promised to buy me a Ford Fiesta MK1 XR2 if I came away from the Scooters. My test was already booked so I borrowed a p2, put it on a 125 log book and took my test. Bang, the bug was back. I went straight up to Pete Merchants in Rochdale and bought a PX200 elf, panel, bars, pit one exhaust, Florida back-rack all for £1000. Just in time for the last rally of the season, Morecambe 89. 

1990 - The first rally was Skegness, we rode over with the Salford Knights and had a great time. May 90 came around and we headed to Margate, most of the lads chose to book into a B&B, but me and another member being skint decided we would camp. The other lad ended up not even turning up so I said I would meet the lads on route (not knowing how far Margate was from Manchester) went round to my mates who had just not turned up and his wife wouldn't let him out. I jumped on the motorway hoping to catch up with everyone and ended up pulling into the services with no luck. It was there I got chatting to 5 scooter lads from Keighley, Two Tone scooter club, I travelled down to Margate with them and began a new chapter.

Photo: Good memories with mates!

Towards the end of 1991, there was a lot of solo small groups of mates riding about on Vespa’s. There was a lot of established clubs so we came up with the idea of starting a new club, the first advert went into scootering in March 92. The original founder members, Myself, Jamie, Gee and Irish Tony were sat watching a Sunday afternoon western series with James Garner the Lazy Ace and so the name Lazy Ace Scooter Club was born. Originally we approached the glass barrel in Tyldesley, but the parking was rubbish so we moved over the road to the Carders Arms. Wednesday was darts so we moved to Monday nights, the response on the first night was unbelievable 30 plus solo riders and small groups that turned up. Lazy Aces North West was born. The club grew quickly with plenty of characters, Ian Baines (Stig), Jimmy (Pigeon), John (Pops), Spike, Chris, Ian Murray plus plenty of others. Our first rally was Llandudno, from memory we took 40 plus scooters, Jimmy riding the full-blown custom Jackie Wilson (it got rear-ended when he stopped at a zebra crossing and the car behind didn’t)

Our 2nd rally was Margate. We had members with full licence and L plates, many travelling on A roads, Lazy Aces started getting a name as a rally going club getting bigger and bigger with branches in Manchester, Wrexham and Cornwall.

Our next rally Bridlington we finished 2nd in the tug of war and got mentions in scootering due to personal reasons that were the end of my scootering days. I still own a scooter but I've since moved away from the clubs for a couple of years, Lazy aces grew under the guidance of Pops, Rita, Spike, Tesco, Wolfie, Shaun, Bri and others. Lazy aces Manchester is still a riding club and still going strong 29 years later!

Cheers for Listening, here's a cameo I made in a Scootering Documentary in 1995.

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  • Malc

    Good read. I got back into scootering 1996 joined lazy aces enjoying rally’s and meeting at burton arms plus other pubs can’t remember nsmes

  • Chris

    Nice one Jamie. The pic of you and Gee is one of mine from Margate. If memory serves me right, you came the day after Gee, Stig and myself arrived to pass on our NSRA cards. Great memories 👍

  • Rita

    Good read ,had some good laughs in the 90’s with the Lazy Aces ,good memories ❤️

  • Jonah

    Happy daze and still are with great mates

  • Ian Jones

    Excellent memories I was in Manchester lazy aces thanks for sharing 👍

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