Vespa Boy UK Launch Limited Edition Quadrophenia Inspired T-Shirts

Vespa Boy UK have announced a limited edition collection of Scootering T-shirts to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of Quadrophenia

Only around 30 of each T-shirt will be available for the first run launched this weekend and there is an introductory fiver off each T-shirt for the first seven days.

'GOTTA BE A MOD' T-Shirt in White & Antique Cherry Red

T-Shirts 1 & 2 are a tribute to Jimmy's dedication to being a Mod.
His famous speech that he gives to Ray Winstone sums up his whole attitude around a subculture that's consuming every aspect of his life. The speech even gives a subtle hint and his troubled ending where he smashes his beautiful GS off Beachy Head Cliffs.

'PINBALL WIZARD' T-Shirts Black and Antique Cherry Red

T-Shirts 3 & 4 pay tribute to one of our favourite Who songs of all time. Although this song isn't on the Quadrophenia album. The scene where Jimmy bags some blues and the gang return to the cafe shows Jimmy playing Pinball surrounded by his mates. The carefree youthful attitude Jimmy has when he's with his fellow Mods and about to embark on their pilgrimage to Brighton to 'kick some rockers heads in' highlights the nostalgic good old days when all you had were some scooters, your mates... and a shitload of blues! 

To see the full collection and take advantage of the £5 off launch offer click the link below.



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